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Celebrate the Wild

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 Sierra Club & ReVision Partnership!

To support our important environmental advocacy and education work, ReVision Energy will make a donation for each solar system (depending on the size of the system) purchased by a Sierra Club supporter.

To get started, click HERE to schedule a free appointment with ReVision for an estimate for a photovoltaic and/or hot water solar system for your home or business.

Thanks for doing your part for cleaner energy in Maine and helping to support the Sierra Club by going solar!


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   Celebrate the Wild


        The Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club is celebrating
 the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act.

"Wilderness is a necessity...There must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls."
- John Muir (Sierra Club co-founder)

Outings and Retreats:
Click on the links below for information on how to register for an event. Email maine.chapter@sierraclub.org with any questions.

Explore Sears Island, Jewel of the Penobscot Bay, May 31

Writing Nature Workshop, Hurricane Island, June 13 - 15

Lobster Lake Canoe Trip, July 11 - 13

Thoreau Wabanaki Celebration, Greenville, July 25 - 27

100 Mile Wilderness Celebration, West Branch Pond Camps, August 8 - 10

Writing Nature Workshop, Women's Voices: Lunksoos Camps, Northern Maine, October 3 - 5


Forever Wild, Celebrating America's Wilderness, Bar Harbor, June 22

A Fierce Green Fire, Bar Harbor, July 20

The Meaning of Wild, North Haven, August 13

Into the Arctic II, Bar Harbor, August 17

Ocean Frontiers, Dawn of a New Age in Ocean Stewardship, Bar Harbor, September 21

Special Event:
Sierra Club Maine Annual Dinner Celebrating the WILD, Maple Hill Farm, Hallowell, Sept. 5


Upcoming Events
Ferry Beach State Park  August 5 (rain date 8/7)
 100 Mile Wilderness Celebration, West Branch Pond Camps, August 8 - 10
 Film: The Meaning of Wild, North Haven, August 13

 Sunday River Swim and Step Falls Hike in Newry,  August 14

 Film: Into the Arctic II, Bar Harbor, August 17
Bickford Slides, Evans Notch Wt. Mt. National Forest,  August 30
 Film: Ocean Frontiers, Bar Harbor, Sept. 21
 Borestone Mountain, Elliottsville, October 11
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