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Building Environmental Communities

Neighbor to Neighbor


Energy/Clean Air No-Idling Campaign

The focus of the Clean Air Project (CAP) is to increase public awareness :


  • to reduce energy consumption through habits of energy conservation

  •  to increase knowledge of energy conservation

  •  and to encourage use of energy efficient products.

Launch a No-Idling Campaign in your community...

After 10 seconds of idling it is more efficient to turn a vehicle engine off; warm up only for 30 seconds; one hour idling uses a half gallon of fuel and emits 9.7 pounds of CO2.  Maine Partners for Cool Communities can help communities start up a no-idling campaign using Community Based Social Marketing as an effective method of changing behavior.  A model is the Clean Air Zone project that has been used in several Maine communities. 

Sierra Club Maine and Maine Partners for Cool Communities (MPCC) can help by sharing information and providing metal signs for $15 each.  MPCC in partnership with the DEP also has information sheets, magnets, displays and pledge cards. DEP has an internship program, with limited vacancies, and your local school could participate in a Clean Air Zone project through this initiative.

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Clean Air Zone Flyer

Sample Ordinance

Internship Information

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