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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

with the Maine Sierra Club


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  The Maine Sierra Club welcomes all levels of expertise and available time.  Sign up for the Volunteer Bulletin to receive volunteer opportunities in your inbox.






Office Help

Do you live near Portland?  Help is needed to clip media articles, file reports and occasionally stamp & stuff envelopes for membership mailings.  If you’d like to help out in the office for an hour or two a week contact Molly Quaid at 207-761-5616 or send an email.


Media Scanners

We need volunteers all across Maine to scan their local papers for articles and letters to the editor that have to do with environmental issues, clip those articles out and send them in to the chapter office.


Make your Town a Cool Community
Help curb global warming by getting your town to sign on to the US Mayors Agreement and cut their carbon emissions.  Visit our Cool Communities page for more information.  To get started contact Molly Quaid at 207-761-5616 or
send an email.

Maine Woods Campaign

Help Protect Maine's North Woods!

  • Join the Maine Woods Activist Network - our action alert and letter-writing team.

  • Help identify and recruit other Maine Woods activists.

  • Set up a presentation/event/film series in your area.

  • Work directly with our Maine Woods staff to promote big wilderness protection.

  • Visit the Maine Woods page for more information or contact Heather Rorer at 207-761-5616 or by email.

Volunteer Nights

Contact Molly for the next scheduled meeting! This is the time for you to help with the various mailing, data entry, and other labor intensive activities to gather in the Portland office for work, conversation, and snacks.


Set up a Film Night

Help educate your community about important environmental issues.  Borrow a film from our film library and set up a screening in your community. 


Letter Writing

Write letters to the editor on topics of interest in your region. We will let you know when letters on specific issues are needed. Contact the office by email or 207-761-5616 if you would like to be on our contact list.




Join the Energy/Transportation Team

Working to educate the public about renewable energy sources and global warming.  E-mail Joan Saxe for more information.


Join the Fundraising Team

The all-important committee charged with raising the money needed to enable Sierra Club Maine to carry out its mission. Email Molly Quaid for more information.

Join the Political Team

Candidate Endorsements, legislative lobbying, accountability. Contact Joan Saxe for more information.





From the popular short, local “we don’t go far, we don’t go long, and then we eat!” samplers, to climbing Maine’s highest (and not so high) peaks. Our outings committee organizes forays to Maine’s special places. If you would like to attend the next outing, or if you’d like to become an outings leader please contact Molly Quaid for information.


Upcoming Events
Jan. 16, Portland PACTS meeting
 Maine Woods
     East-West Highway
 Tar Sands Free Maine
 State Legislation / Citizen Lobbying
 Energy issues
    • Schiller Coal Plant
    • Clean Energy
    • No Idling Project
    • Cool Communities
    • Transportation
     Wind Energy
     Bowers Wind Project
 Sears Island
▪ National: Michael Brune Blog
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