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Resilient Habitats

Resilient Habitats is one of six priority goals nationally for Sierra Club under the Climate Recovery Partnership. Many species are already facing increased pressure due to climate change, and many more will be threatened as the world warms. If we want the world's wildlife and native plants to survive in a changing climate, we must help them adapt by protecting critical habitat and creating corridors that will allow for migration as climate changes and temperatures rise.

The Sierra Club has made the protection of Maine's North Woods one of its highest conservation priorities under the Resilient Habitats program. The Maine Woods have been called "grand central station" for wildlife movement in the Northeast. This unbroken stretch of forest is already home to threatened and endangered species such as the Canada Lynx. Maine's forests will become even more critical to many species as they struggle to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

We can help the Northeast's wildlife and plants to adapt by protecting a large core of resilient habitat in the Maine Woods. The Maine chapter is working with chapters across the Northeast and Canada to plan an interconnected network of large protected areas and corridors to allow species to migrate and survive climate change.

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