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The 100 Mile Wilderness


The 100 Mile wilderness is the longest stretch of uninterrupted wilderness on the entire Appalachian Trail (AT) - stretching 100 miles from Baxter State Park to the town of Monson, Maine.


The spectacular 100 Mile Wilderness of the Maine woods represents the longest stretch of uninterrupted wilderness along the entire Appalachian Trail.  Located in northern Maine, the 100 Mile Wilderness is at the heart of the 10 million acre Maine Woods - the largest contiguous forest land east of the Mississippi.  This narrow, protected

corridor is rich in Maine's wilderness heritage providing opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing, remote fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.  Spectacular natural wonders such as Gulf Hagas, the Cloud Forest and the Debsconeags Lakes offer unparalleled vistas, wild forests and waterways.  The area also hosts several 100-plus year-old traditional wilderness sporting camps where sportsmen fly fish for Maine brook trout and watch for loons, bald eagles, moose, bear, lynx and pine marten.


But despite its name, this ecologically rich area is by no means a preserved wilderness.  The vast majority of the 100 Mile Wilderness is privately owned by paper companies who have already scarred the forest with clearcuts and road building - in some places as close as 100 feet from the Appalachian Trail.


Sierra Club has made the protection of the 100 Mile Wilderness and the Moosehead Lake region a top priority.  If true wilderness protection isn't soon secured for the 100 Mile Wilderness it may be lost forever. The Maine chapter of the Sierra Club is actively working with sportsmen, public officials, and local residents to acquire key land parcels and protect a vital stretch of the Appalachian Trail and Maine's wilderness heritage for future generations.



Photo by Leanne Krudner

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