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2012 State Legislative Summary report (pdf)


2012 Priority Legislation


The following bills are our 2012 legislative priorities. Please contact your state legislators today and explain to them that you want them to vote to protect Maine's environment. For more information, please contact

‘Takings’ Legislation: Prevent the Undermining of Maine’s Core Environmental Protections

Maine’s land use laws are designed to protect our water, land, and wildlife; the character of Maine communities; public health and safety; and the value of property for all Mainers. ‘Takings’ legislation is a back door way to undermine nearly every current or future law that protects our health as well as our water, air, land, and wildlife. ‘Takings’ bills create a legal and fiscal morass for states, with potential huge costs for taxpayers. They have been broadly rejected nationwide. That’s because ‘takings’ bills are simply a bad idea that is out of step with Maine people and Maine values.

Maine’s North Woods: Conserve Maine’s Natural Legacy for Future Generations by Ensuring the Integrity of the Land Use Regulation Commission

The North Woods of Maine are a treasure that is central to Maine’s economy, identity, and way of life. But without careful governing, planning, and regulatory tools, the North Woods are at risk. While the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) study committee wisely backed away from abolishing LURC, some of the task force’s proposals could significantly weaken key protections for Maine’s North Woods. We must not let that happen.

Forest, Farm, and Fish Bond: Protect Maine’s Natural Resources

The Land for Maine’s Future program has a history of broad support and an outstanding record of success in protecting Maine’s natural legacy. The Forest, Farm, and Fish Bond invests in Land for Maine’s Future. It supports Maine’s natural resource-based economy and creates important new conservation and economic opportunities.

Inland Wading Bird and Waterfowl Habitat Rule: Protect Maine’s Water, Land, and Wildlife

Protecting inland wading bird and waterfowl habitat is essential to supporting the good health, good jobs, and quality of life that Maine’s environment provides to all of us. The Board of Environmental Protection has developed a rule that has satisfied sportsmen, the Maine DEP, and the environmental community. While the rule could be stronger, it is a reasonable compromise and we need to give it time to work, not weaken it further.

Clean Elections: Ensure Fair and Effective Policymaking

Clean Elections means a cleaner and safer environment. The Clean Elections system enjoys broad support and a tremendous record of success - it is fair and effective policymaking at its best. As the result of a court ruling, the Maine Clean Elections system must be amended in order to remain viable and working as it was intended. Doing nothing will dramatically weaken the law and allow more special interest money to influence Maine policymaking. The Maine Ethics Commission has recommended a carefully-crafted “re-qualifying option” that will strengthen Maine’s Clean Election Law.

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2011 Environmental Scorecard Brought to you by Maine Conservation Voters


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2010 Environmental Scorecard: Brought to you by Maine League of Conservation Voters





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