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2010 Sierra Club Maine Chapter

Legislative Priorities:


Energy & Climate Change


LD 1717: An Act to Increase the Affordability of of Clean Energy for Homeowner's and Business


This bill is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) enabling legislation sponsored by Rep. Patsy Crockett of Augusta.  This bill allows a municipality to establish municipal financing districts and create contractual assessment programs under which a municipality would provide financing for residential weatherization and non-residential energy savings improvements for residential and commercial buildings.  Property owners can choose to borrow money from a newly established municipal financing district and repay over 20 years through an annual assessment on their property tax bill.  There are no up front costs, the financing stays with the property for the life of the "loan", and it is an opt-in program for both municipalities and for property owners. 


Learn More  about LD 1717    Bill Status


LD 1662: An Act to Improve Maine's Air Quality and Reduce Regional Haze at Acadia National Park and Other Class I Areas


LD 1662 would requires lower sulfur content in heating fuels and similar fossils fuels by 2014.  Reducing sulfur content in our heating fuels would help to improve air quality and visibility in Maine's most cherished natural places and protect Maine citizens from respiratory illness. 


Learn More about LD 1662    Bill Status


LD 891: An Act to Reduce Maine's Dependency on Fossil Fuels and Enhance Energy Efficient Development


LD 891 will minimize the impacts of private development on the natural environment and reduce carbon emissions from new buildings.  This bill will help Maine move on a path of energy efficiency and sustainable development by promoting efficient site and building design rules under the Department of Environmental Protection.  


Learn More  about LD 891    Bill Status


Toxics in the Environment


LD 1547: An Act to Revise Notification Requirements for Pesticide Application Using Aircraft or Air Carrier Equipment


This bill, sponsored by Rep. Andrew O'Brien refines Maine's new Pesticide Notification Law (passed last year as one of the Sierra Club's and EPC's priority bills).  The amendments would strengthen and streamline the notification process in an effective way that works for all parties involved. 


Learn More about LD 1547    Bill Status


LD 1631: An Act to Provide Leadership Regarding the Responsible Recycling of Consumer Products


 This bill establishes a framework to systematically expand partnerships with manufacturers to increase the collection and recycling of consumer products in Maine. 


Learn More about LD 1631    Bill Status


LD 1568: An Act to Clarify Maine's Phase-out of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ehters (i.e. "DECA")


In 2007, the state legislature overwhelmingly voted to ban DECA, a persistent bio-accumulative toxic chemical (PBT) from many consumer products.  However, the chemical industry has found other avenues of marketing this highly toxic flame retardant, including use in plastic pallets used for shipping goods and food.  Safer alternatives exist in the market.  LD 1568, would close the loophole that allows companies to use DECA in shipping pallets, further reducing environmental exposure to this toxic chemical. 


Learn More about LD 1568    Bill Status



Resilient Habitats


LD 1538: An Act to Close Loopholes in Environmental Protections


Maine's Natural Resources Protection Act and Stormwater Law offer an exemption from review for roads developed for forestry management, to allow forestry to be conducted without extensive regulatory review.  Unfortunately, the exemption is being abuse.  Roads are first constructed as forest roads and then converted to roads that provide access to subdivisions in order to avoid regulatory review.  LD 1538 closes that loophole. 


Learn More about LD 1538    Bill Status


LD 1725: Resolve, "An Act to Ensure Replacement Culverts Permit Fish Passage"


Many of our roads cross streams, tributaries and rivers presenting obstacles to aquatic organisms.  Some culverts associated with these roads are not sized appropriately to allow for passage by fish and other aquatic organisms.  LD 1725, would require the state and municipalities to install properly sized culverts when a culvert is in need of replacing.  Not only would this statute benefit aquatic ecosystems, but Maine towns would benefit by larger culverts that help to reduce damage caused by natural and climate change related stormwater. 


Learn More about LD 1725    Bill Status

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