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To support our important environmental advocacy and education work, ReVision Energy will make a donation for each solar system (depending on the size of the system) purchased by a Sierra Club supporter.

To get started, click HERE to schedule a free appointment with ReVision for an estimate for a photovoltaic and/or hot water solar system for your home or business.

Thanks for doing your part for cleaner energy in Maine and helping to support the Sierra Club by going solar!


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Celebrate the Wild



Forever Wild, Celebrating America's Wilderness, Bar Harbor, June 22

2:00 pm, Reel Pizza Cinerama, 33 Kennebec Place, Bar Harbor

Forever Wild celebrates America's commitment to wilderness and its preservation. Shot in high definition, the film captures the glory of undeveloped, wild places through visually stunning images. It also profiles America's modern wilderness heroes - individuals who have volunteered countless hours and immeasurable energy to ensure that these wild places remain forever wild.

Special Guest Speaker Paul Haertel, former Superintendent of Acadia National Park. 

A Fierce Green Fire, Bar Harbor, July 20
2:00 pm, Reel Pizza Cinerama, 33 Kennebec Place, Bar Harbor

A FIERCE GREEN FIRE: The Battle for a Living Planet is the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement – grassroots and global activism spanning fifty years from conservation to climate change. Narrated by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and others, the film    focuses on heroic activism, people fighting to save their homes, their lives, the future –and succeeding against all odds.
Special Guest Speaker Pat McGowan former Commissioner of the Maine Department of Conservation.

The Meaning of Wild, North Haven, August 13
7:30 pm, Waterman's Community Center, 12 Main Street, North Haven

The Meaning of Wild is a half hour documentary film that takes viewers on a journey through one of our nation’s wildest landscapes, the Tongass National Forest of Southeast Alaska. The film follows wildlife cameraman Ben Hamilton as he travels by boat, plane, kayak and foot to capture and share the true value of Wilderness. Along the journey, Ben encounters bears, calving glaciers, ancient forests, and harsh seas, but it’s the characters he meets along the way that bring true insight to his mission. Filmed in stunning High Definition, The Meaning of Wild highlights never before captured landscapes while provoking reflection about their importance to us all.

Ultimately, the film celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Wilderness Act and seeks to share these national treasures and inspire the next generation of wilderness advocates.

Into the Arctic II, Bar Harbor, August 17
2:00 pm, Reel Pizza Cinerama, 33 Kennebec Place, Bar Harbor

Experience the majesty of the Arctic through stunning cinematography and the dramatic experiences of a passionate painter. Take a journey of adventure and discovery and follow artist Cory Trépanier as he goes into breathtaking and remote arctic wilderness to experience and paint a land that might never be the same again. Three months of filming. A dozen Arctic locations. Cory brings his fresh perspective to the hidden treasures at the top of the world. Take a journey of adventure and discovery….Deep… Into The Arctic.

Special Guest Speaker featured artist Cory Trépanier and John Demos of the Alaska Wilderness League.

Ocean Frontiers, Dawn of a New Age in Ocean Stewardship, Bar Harbor, September 21
2:00 pm, Reel Pizza Cinerama, 33 Kennebec Place, Bar Harbor

Ocean Frontiers II is an inspiring story of citizens working together for the sake of the sea. The film brings you face to face with those now embarking on the nation’s first regional ocean plan, promoting healthier economies and healthier seas across New England.  

Special Guest Speaker Dr. Gretchen Noyes of the Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station Cooperative (GAMS).

Save the Date! Click HERE to purchase a ticket for our Annual Dinner at Maple Hill Farm in Hallowell on Friday, Sept. 5.
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June 26, Sierra Club & ReVision Energy Solar Open House, Dresden
June 28, Sierra Club Outing, Lovell
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